Dositej of Hilandar

Archimandrite Dositej was born in Ljig in 1971 from father Miroslav Radivojevic (blacksmith) and mother Nada (housewife), maiden Tonisic. He spent his childhood in the village of Slavkovica and finished primary school in Ljig in 1986. After primary school he graduated from the Military High School in Belgrade in 1990. During his studies at the Military High School, he frequently visits the Vavedenje Monastery, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the school, where he receives basic knowledge of monastic life. After graduating from the Military High School in Belgrade, he continued his education at the Military Academy of the Air Force and Air Defense in Rajlovac near Sarajevo, and because of the war, the Military Academy was transferred to Belgrade, where he continued his education.

He obtained the rank of officer in the rank of lieutenant in the military academy in 1995 and began his officer service in Kraljevo. During his service at Kraljevo 450 rocket regiment often goes to worship at the Zica Monastery. After three years of officer service, he attains the rank of lieutenant, and shortly afterwards leaves the service in the army and goes to the Hilandar Monastery on Mount Athos in 1998.

Brotherhood of Serbian Imperial Lavra Nemanjic, Hilandar Monastery, approached on 18th December 1998  in the year of the temptation, and the monastic attendant receives on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2000. In monasticism, the monastery obeys the churchmen, altars, prosforar, dining room, monastery beekeeper, innkeeper, librarian and treasurer.

With the blessing of the Council of Elders of the Hilandar Monastery, he begins part-time studies at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Belgrade, ending in 2005. After completing his basic studies, upon the blessing of the Council of Elders, he enrolled in postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Theology of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Master’s Degree in Dogmatics on the Name of God in Russian Theology of the 20th Century, under the guidance of Professor Chrysostom Stamulis successfully defended in January 2010 in Thessaloniki.

Bishop Chrysostom commits ordination to the rank of deacon at Hilandar Meeting in 2009 Bishop Milutin of Valjevo on the Feast of the Most Holy Mother of God 2010 in Hilandar.  Serbian officers have been visiting the Hilandar Monastery since 2002. The monk Dositej was in charge of receiving and working with groups of officers, cadets of the Military Academy and students of the Military High School. At the invitation and upon the blessing of His Holiness the patriarch of Serbian G.G. Irinej, and after the blessing of the abbot of the Hilandar Monastery Archimandrite Methodius, in 2010 he begins to engage in helping the then bishop for the army ep. Porphyria on the introduction of priesthood service in the Serbian Armed Forces.  After signing the Agreement between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Serbian Armed Forces and its implementation, the monk Dositej returns to the Hilandar Monastery.

Restoration of the abandoned Paterica of Hilandar cell in Kareja in the administrative headquarters of Sveta Gora, founded and for some time lived by St.Sava and in which he blessed the abbot of St. Sava the Holy (paterica), the abbot of Hilandar Monastery with the Council of Elders entrusts the monk Dositej. For six years, the Paterica cell has been completely renovated and receives new accommodation used to receive guests. Those who visit the Paterica cell have the opportunity to learn about this form of prayer-loving life.

At the end of January 2019 after the blessing of the Abbot of Hilandar and the Council of Elders of Hilandar Monastery, he goes to the Diocese of Sumadija SPC, where he is appointed the tutor of the Monastery of the Holy Martyr George – Ćelije in place Ćelije near Lajkovac, and according to the Archbishop of Hilandar Archimandrite Methodius: «The flame that came from the Holy Mountain is not only kept to itself, but to burn that flame in the hearts of those who come to the family of the Holy Martyr George in

View of the skit of st. Andrew and the top of Athos