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The most recent interview with the abbot Dositej about the monastery rebuilt and future plans

Abbot Dositej: Our goal is to become Godlike in this life! — In the March-April issue of the 372nd Orthodox Missionary, the official missionary newsletter of the Serbian Orthodox Church for youth, an interview was published with hieromonk Dositej (Radivojević), the hegumen of the Ćelije Monastery near Lajkovac in the Diocese of Šumadija.

The spring of grace is coming to all, the Resurrection of Christ has dazzled us all, and with it is now the

Documentary about the Holy monastery of Hilandar  “world of adventures – Hilandar monastery, Athos Athos”, film 11 of the cycle: “The History

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTCFfPzTNRM Monasticism in 21th century – hieromonk Dositej

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bRD25wMARs The first lecture with spiritual evenings at the Ćelije monastery: Holiness as a Measure of spiritual life, held in 2019 year

ABOUT TAKING CARE OF THE SOUL AND MEMORY OF GOD The mind is the imperial part of the soul. In the spiritual

THE POOR WILL EAT AND BE SATISFIED – interpretation of prayer before dinner “The poor will eat and be satisfied, all who

CAN GOD CREATE A STONE THAT HE CANNOT RAISE? Often opponents of the faith ask the following sophisticated question: IS IT YOURS GOD

MY YOUTH IS RENEWED LIKE THE EAGLE’S (Psalm 102, verse 5) While reading the Psalter, we come across the verse “My youth

       These days the monastic order of the Diocese of Sumadia has been reinforced by one member, the monk of

Interview: hieromonk Dositej of Hilandar (part 2/2)