Sumadija is rich for the one monk of Mount Athos

       These days the monastic order of the Diocese of Sumadia has been reinforced by one member, the monk of Mount Athos. The Diocese of Sumadia from which they went to Hilandar, but to which the Hilandar monks also returned, received a new elder of the Ćelija Monastery near Lajkovac – Hieromonk Dositej of Hilandar.

hieromonk Dositej of Hilandar

       Although one of the younger dioceses of the Serbian Church, founded in 1947, it has so far received six Hilandar monks (Petra, Avakum, Sava, Nikolaj, Onufri and Dositej) in its clergy. Prior to the founding of the diocese itself, the monasteries that are now part of the diocese also had Holy Mountain worshipers.

The already blessed memories of old monks Dionysius, Nikanor, Gabriel, the two Moses, Zosim, Raphael, Makaria, Cyril, Michael…

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